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A bed-in-box mattress also known as mattress-in-a-box is merely a bed that is squeezed using hefty machines to adjust the entire mattress into a box. This step helps in storing the mattress and makes the shipping much more reasonable alongside trouble-free for the buyers to settle it in their homes.

Soon after you remove the covering of the box, the bed in a box mattress unwinds and becomes simply like any traditional mattress. This merchandise has been sought after worldwide much and is broadly a good value product.

Do read the entire article if you want to know what is a bed in a box mattress.

>Why is it Important?

It often seems to be irrational and quite atypical, to purchase a mattress online without testing it in the store. It is unreservedly, considered unconventional that is, going to the showroom, and getting the leverage. The fact is still constant, that mattress in a box has immensely taken the limelight all over the world over the last few years. 

The very first merchandise that was instigated came up in the year 2010. Since then, 130 companies have launched this amazing product.

There are a number of causes that have propelled this merchandise. Firstly, such companies do not show much overhead price like the showrooms. So, we can say that, most of the times you can enjoy having a good quality mattress in less price from the online sites as compared to the product bought from the market. Moreover, free delivery is provided with much fast transport time. Interestingly, some brands even provide same day shipping.   

A part from that, many brands also proffer you free testing tenure. In this time, you are provided with an option that if you did not like the product or if it is not according to your choice you can simply return it back and get the money back.

> Why to Only Buy Box Mattress?

Such bed in a box brands use hefty machines to squeeze the mattress and then encase it in a cardboard box. It saves much time, making it way more pocket-friendly for the buyers. Transporting it to the home also gets easier.

> How to Open Such Mattress?

Many times, it is easier for the consumer to remove the wrapping. Soon after you remove the packing, your bed unwinds and gets into the shape of the traditional mattress that is it decompresses easily.

> After How Much Time Does It Mellows Out?

Generally, a bed in a box mattress takes the time of few days to loosen up completely, but still it is considered to be ready to sleep on in certain hours after you unwind it. This decompressing time is dependent on some important factors:

  • The time it has been squeezed
  • The mattress quality
  • The type of mattress that is latex, spring, or foam

> Fitting Back Into the Box

Unfortunately, you cannot fix the bed in a box mattress back into the cardboard box. This is because that these mattresses are squeezed using machinery. So, if you are deciding to return your bed in a box mattress back, you have to return it in uncompressed form.