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The only way for you to enjoy your 30-minute yoga in the home or the gym is to use slip free yoga mat. It is very annoying to say the least and very unhygienic aswell especially for those that sweat a lot. Perhaps you have experienced this exact scenario on your own current yoga mat?

You are doing a downward facing dog and all of a sudden, your sweat is dripping from all angles. Your hands are unsteady and you are going to slip. Your concentration is lost. You are getting furious. posture corrector brace The point to do yoga is broken because you have a generic exercise mat or maybe a camping mat. Well, you can purchase a slip free yoga mat and keep on together with your practice of yoga without any distractions. This is the solution.

BENEFITS OF A Yoga Mat That Does Not Slip

– Regardless of how sweaty your palms and soles are, if you are using a nonslip mat, you are guaranteed never to collapse on your face sufficient reason for that, you will have a smooth yoga session the entire time. Stability may be the key.

– Without that “slipping” feeling, there are no distractions or uneasiness throughout your practice; you are sure to really have the best grip and the best yoga experience every single day because of your slip free yoga mat.

– Most nonslip mats are also available in photodegradable materials. (Photodegradable means it can be melted down by sunlight rays, rendering it biodegradable and can be utilized again.) That feature is eco-friendly and most nonslip TPE yoga mat is equipped with that. You’re helping save Earth!


It is not a really drawback since the reason for using an exercise mat that will not slide exceeds this little issue. But to be honest, some non-absorbing mats may smell foul blended with the sweat. This could be fixed though. Just clean your slip free yoga mat after every use or you can use a yoga towel together with your mat.

Another thing to consider is yoga shoes. Some individuals have sweaty and smelly feet. If this can be a problem for you, matching your slide-free mat alongside the appropriate yoga shoes can make your practice better still. The yoga shoes has silicone grip for maximum traction.

You can also choose yoga gloves. Sweaty palms certainly are a very common issue of yoga enthusiasts. So wear gloves which have rubber dots for maximum grip. Add that to your slip free yoga mat and if your allowance permits, yoga shoes, and you also are set.


You may have heard about thermal plastic elastomer or TPE. This is an environmental-friendly kind of mat when compared with the cheap ones called the PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride. Most trainers and health-conscious buffs prefer mats made of TPE for many reasons. By the way, PVC mats are slippery once you sweat and contains that strong rubbery smell once you open and use it for the first time. Do not settle for less. If you come across a TPE slip free yoga mat, get one and remember the huge benefits it will bring you.